Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Legends of Cricket

The World of Cricket has given us number of Legendary Cricketers which individually not only made their countries feel proud but also played cricket with true spirit of game. Here are some of the Legends -     

1) Sir Donald George Bradman - 

                                             He was born on 27th August 1908, he was an Australian International cricketer. He is considered as one of the greatest in the world of Cricket.He started his career at the age of 21 years. He over all played 52 Tests with a Batting average of 99.94 which includes 29 Hundreds & 13 Fifties with the highest score of 334 against England. He was hospitalized with pneumonia in December 2000, he returned home in the New Year and died there on 25 February 2001, aged 92. 

2) Sir Garfield Sobers –

                     He was born on 28 July 1936, he is the well established international cricketer played for West Indies. He made his debut on 30th March 1954 against Pakistan at the age of 17 yrs to 1974 against Pakistan.He is considered to be one of the greatest All-Rounders in the cricketing history. He played 93 Test Matches with a batting average of 57.78 which includes 30 Fifties & 26 Hundreds with highest score of 365 not out against Pakistan.As a all-rounders his balling figures were remarkable, he took 235 wickets. In 1974 the all rounder declared his retirement.

Child Labour

Child Labour - It is one biggest concern in today's world. It means work done by children below the age of 18 yrs, they are exploited Mentally, Physically, Morally by blocking their access towards education.However we cannot give the exact meaning of Child Labour. According to figures from the University of Iowa, 53 per cent of child labourers live in Asia and the Pacific, 30 per cent in sub-Saharan Africa, and seven per cent in Latin America. It is generally thought that boys become involved in child labour more often than girls. Child labour is often exploited in sectors like -

1) Garment industry

2) Brick kilns 

3) Unorganised sectors

4) Agriculture

5) Fireworks 

There are various reasons which causes Child Labour , here are some of them -

According to figures from the University of Iowa, 53 per cent of child labourers live in Asia and the Pacific, 30 per cent in sub-Saharan Africa, and seven per cent in Latin America. 
Poverty is widely considered the top reason that children work in jobs that are exploitative and inappropriate for their ages. But there are other reasons as well. In no particular order:

1) Family expectations and traditions.

2) Abuse of the child.

3) lack of good schools and day care.

4) lack of other services, such as health care.

5) Public opinion that downplays the risk of early work for children.

6) Uncaring attitude of employers.

7) Limited choices for women.

The parents of child labourers are often unemployed or underemployed, desperate for secure employment and income. Yet it is their children - more powerless and paid less who are offered the jobs.Roots of child labour" report, children are employed because they are easier to exploit. Apart from these there some other factors which contribute  to instances of child labour include:

A) Limited access to compulsory, free education.

B) Irregular monitoring and weak enforcement of relevant laws.

C) Local laws that include a lot of exemptions.

D) Globalisation and an emphasis on low labour costs.

E) Inability to uphold workers' and child rights.

With the awareness of Child Labour exploitation the government has emerged in & taken some steps to stop Child labour. 

1) Some Strict laws have been implemented in Employment Industries. 

2) Introduction of some Social Welfare Committees for Children.

3) Bringing in Awareness against the need of education in people.

4) Introduction of Government & NON-Government NGOs in the country.



Importance of Planting Trees

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