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Legends of Cricket

The World of Cricket has given us number of Legendary Cricketers which individually not only made their countries feel proud but also played cricket with true spirit of game. Here are some of the Legends -     

1) Sir Donald George Bradman - 

He was born on 27th August 1908, he was an Australian International cricketer. He is considered as one of the greatest in the world of Cricket.He started his career at the age of 21 years. He over all played 52 Tests with a Batting average of 99.94 which includes 29 Hundreds & 13 Fifties with the highest score of 334 against England. He was hospitalized with pneumonia in December 2000, he returned home in the New Year and died there on 25 February 2001, aged 92.      

2) Sir Garfield Sobers –

He was born on 28 July 1936, he is the well established international cricketer played for West Indies. He made his debut on 30th March 1954 against Pakistan at the age of 17 yrs to 1974 against Pakistan.He is considered to be one of the greatest All-Rounders in the cricketing history. He played 93 Test Matches with a batting average of 57.78 which includes 30 Fifties & 26 Hundreds with highest score of 365 not out against Pakistan.As a all-rounders his balling figures were remarkable, he took 235 wickets. In 1974 the all rounder declared his retirement.

Child Labour

Child Labour - It is one biggest concern in today's world. It means work done by children below the age of 18 yrs, they are exploited Mentally, Physically, Morally by blocking their access towards education.However we cannot give the exact meaning of Child Labour. According to figures from the University of Iowa, 53 per cent of child labourers live in Asia and the Pacific, 30 per cent in sub-Saharan Africa, and seven per cent in Latin America. It is generally thought that boys become involved in child labour more often than girls. Child labour is often exploited in sectors like - 

1)Garment industry

2)Brick kilns 

3)Unorganised sectors

4) Agriculture

5) Fireworks 

There are various reasons which causes Child Labour , here are some of them -

According to figures from the University of Iowa, 53 per cent of child labourers live in Asia and the Pacific, 30 per cent in sub-Saharan Africa, and seven per cent in Latin America. 

Poverty is widely considered the top reason that children work in jobs that are exploitative and inappropriate for their ages. But there are other reasons as well. In no particular order:

1) Family expectations and traditions.

2) Abuse of the child.

3) lack of good schools and day care.

4) lack of other services, such as health care.

5) Public opinion that downplays the risk of early work for children.

6) Uncaring attitude of employers.

7) Limited choices for women.

The parents of child labourers are often unemployed or underemployed, desperate for secure employment and income. Yet it is their children - more powerless and paid less who are offered the jobs.Roots of child labour" report, children are employed because they are easier to exploit. Apart from these there some other factors which contribute  to instances of child labour include:

A)Limited access to compulsory, free education.

B)Irregular monitoring and weak enforcement of relevant laws.

C)Local laws that include a lot of exemptions.

D)Globalisation and an emphasis on low labour costs


E)Inability to uphold workers' and child rights.

With the awareness of Child Labour exploitation the government has emerged in & taken some steps to stop Child labour. 

1)Some Strict laws have been implemented in Employment Industries. 

2)Introduction of some Social Welfare Committees for Children.

3)Bringing in Awareness against the need of education in people.

4)Introduction of Government & NON-Government NGOs in the country.



Thursday, February 20, 2020


The internet is very important because it is the limitless space where people have access to pretty much infinite amounts of information. The internet is where a large amount of knowledge comes from. Humans are (fortunately) curious creatures who tend to become hungry for new knowledge to feed off. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without the internet. The simplest activities such as communication and entertainment rely heavily on the internet. The internet connects people, lives, stories, and businesses. It is a source of information, a social platform, and a business network. Modern life has become easier and the people of the world have to thanks to the immense contribution of the internet technology to communication and information sharing. There is no doubt that internet has made our life become easier and more convenient. We can use internet to communicate with people around the world, doing business by using internet, make new friend and know different cultures, searching information, studying and etc.The internet not only allows for communication through email but also ensures easy availability of information, images, and products amongst other things. Every day the internet continues to provide a new facility, something new that is immensely convenient and that makes life easier for web users. However, the internet also contains some unwanted elements or disadvantages.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Internet-


The internet can let a person to communicate with people in virtually any parts of the world through the internet or e-mail,without having to leave his room.E-mail allowed peoples to communicate with minimum of times.It is now possible to send a message to any parts of the world through a simple e-mail address and the message is delivered in matter of seconds.Every company is using e-mail in business.The convenience of e-mail has allowed businesses to expand and communicates with their vendors and customers located all over the world in records times.Personal communication has also become more easier thanks to e-mail.Chat rooms,video conferencing are some of the latest additions in this technology and these have allowed peoples to chat in real time. Besides, there are a lot of messengers services in offering.With the help of such services,it has become very easy to establish a kind of global friendship where you can share your thoughts and explore other cultures.The internet also allows people within an organization to easily communicate and share information.

1)Information is probably the biggest advantages that internet offers.Internet is a virtual treasures trove of information.Any kinds of information on any topic under the sun are available on the internet.The search engines like Google,Yahoo are at your service through the internet.There is a huge amount of information available on the internet for just about every subject known to man,ranging from government law and services,trade fairs and conferences,market information,new ideas and technical support, the lists is simply endless.We can uses these search engines,websites dedicated to different subjects and large amount of articles and papers are available for perusal in a matter of a few seconds.Forums on a number of sites allow peoples to discuss and share their thoughts and information’s with others located at different places all over the world.Whether this information is the latest news happenings in the world or information about your favorite celebrity,everything is available at your finger tips.A huge cache of data is available on the internet on every single subject.With this storehouse of information people can not only increases their knowledge bank but can do so without wasting their time through traditional means such as visiting libraries and conducting exhaustive research.With internet,students can save their times to search for information and using their time to do other works.This is particularly relevant for students who can use this wealth of information for their school projects and also learn new things about the subjects they are interested in.In fact this internet is for many schools and universities that are now able to assigns projects and work to the students and follows their progress which can be easily posted on the school or university internal websites.Online education has grown at a very fast pace since internet allow the development and uses of innovative tools for imparting education.University students and lecturers can communicate through internet.Besides,some universities are also offerings far distance courses to make study become more inefficient and convenience.Internet become a gateway for those who want to learn but cannot afford the living fees at foreign countries.
6)The students who are interested in media and wanted to be a writer in the future must do this work.This would increase their professional skills which would lead them towards great future.Students can also use internet for the social connectivity and there are lots of social media websites which mostly students use for social networking. Such as Facebook,Twitter,Weibo etc are the famous social networking site. Students can contact themselves with the foreign students and discuss them on different issue to enhance their skills and knowledge.By using internet wisely,students can get much information to enrich their knowledge.

2)Entertainments are other popular reasons why many people prefer to surf the internet. In fact,the internet has becomes quite successful in trapping the multifaceted entertainment industry.Downloading games or just surfing the celebrity websites are some of the uses people have discovered.Even celebrities are using the internet effectively for promotional campaigns. Besides that,there are numerous games that can be downloaded for free.The industry of online gaming has tasted dramatic and phenomenal attentions by game lovers.The internet has also revolutionized the entertainments industry.

3)People nowadays no need to go to a cinema hall to watch your favorite movie.Instead of watching movies at cinema now have companies offering their services where you just can downloads or orders your favorite movie and watches it with a fast internet connection. Besides that,you also can download other important software or your favorite music in a matter of few minutes.There are a number of shareware programs that allow you to share and download your favorite music and videos. The internet also allows people from different cultures and background to connect with each other. Internet gaming is a huge business and allow enthusiastic games to compete against each other in games even when they are located far apart.Likewise dating has also allowed people to find their prospective soul mates.

4)Through the internet,shopping has also got a complete makeover thanks to the contributions of the internet.You have many website selling a varieties of products online and one just need to select or bid for the desired product and entire financial transactions can be conducts through the internet.E commerce has got facilities because of the internet and entire global business deals can be conducted over the internet.Transfer of money is also no longer a times consuming job and with just a click of a button you can easily transfers funds to any place you wish.Some of these services of courses come at a price.The internet has made life very convenient.With numerous online services you can now performs all your transaction online.You can books tickets for a movie, transfer funds,pay utility bills, taxes etc, and right from your home.Some travel websites even plans an itinerary as per your preferences and take care of airline tickets; hotel reservation etc.By using internet, consumers can compare the prices of product before making decisions to purchase.

5)People who believe that impacts of internet on students are positives said that internet help students by providing them the handy material and resources for their studies.It is a big reality that now students takes a lots of help from internet.Students have any problem regarding their studies or their daily life they can finds lots of solutions of that problem from internet.There they can find out articles of scholar and other professional people which would be helpful for them.They can take lectures from different academics on different topics.One of the most important benefits of internet is that students can earn from internet through bloggers.Students can take interest on earning through internet.It would be a great source of income for them and also it would provide them a big experience of writing.


However,for all its advantages and positive aspects,the internet has its dark and ugly side too.The recent rumors that mongering about racial riots in Kuala Lumpur which in created a furores,just goes to show how this tool,with its unrivalled reputation as an information assassinations and company reputations can suffer if internet facilities are abused,especially by those with an axe to grind.

11)Besides that some students will spend too much of time through the internet. Students are likely to neglect their studies. If the movie has too strong a hold even elderly people are likely to neglect some their important work. Students might lose concentrate on their studies because they spent too much time on internet. Some of them even divide their time to do homework but they spent their time on watching movie or chatting with their friends through internet.
2)While the internet has made life easier for people in many ways it is also reflecting an uglier side to its existence through a number of problems that it has thrown up for its users. With a large amount of information freely available on the internet theft and misuse of this information is a likely possibility. Time and again you see cases of people using someone else’s information and research and passing it off as their own. Children nowadays seem losing their ability to communicate with others. They are used to communicate with others via internet but they cannot communicate with others face by face fluent. It was a strange sight that internet had make people losing their ability to communicate. It is because people now are over depending on internet.
3)Another problem or disadvantage of the internet is that it has allowed a great deal of anonymity to a large number of people who may access the different websites, forums and chat rooms available. This has allowed perverted individuals to at times take advantage of innocent people and abuse their trust. We can always hear from news that cheaters used internet to make crimes. The cheaters will make friends with single ladies and cheat them by using sweet words. Lonely single ladies are very easy get in trap of these cheaters. These cheaters normally will cheat these ladies to bank-in money to them. Some of the cheaters try to borrow money from these ladies.
4)There are a host of games that are available on the internet and this has made most children to shun all outdoor activity. In the absence of physical activity, children can easily fall prey to a lot of lifestyle related diseases such as obesity, apart from failing to develop interpersonal skills. Apart from these factors, sitting continuously in front of a computer screen can seriously damage our eyes, and put a strain on our neck and shoulders. Children are in their developing years and these factors can create life-long problems for them. Children will become more violence because affected by internet games. There are too many internet games that contain violence content and it may affect negative influence to children.
5)Another disadvantage of internet is harmful to little children. Children nowadays are explored to internet and they are used to maintain internet as their daily life. This is one of the greatest threats internet poses to children. Internet has provided an easy medium to children to gain access to adult sites and this can cause them to either become unhealthy for them. This phenomenon has also caused another problem, and that is the increase in prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in children. According to reports, one out of every four teenagers gets infected with a STD every year. The adult content that is present on the internet promotes irresponsible sex and creates false notions in the minds of students.
If you have been following news lately then you must know what we are referring to. Children have been lured by pedophiles posing as good Samaritans and have been physically abused and molested. Internet has also made it easy for unscrupulous elements to get in touch with children and this has led to an increase in the cases of kidnapping and identity thefts. About 60% young teens in the United States have admitted to responding to messages from strangers.  

Friday, February 14, 2020

The Great Leader - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji Bhosle was born on February 19, 1630 to Shahaji Bhosle and Jijabai in the fort of Shivneri, near the city of Junnar of the Pune district.He was the son of Shahaji & Jijabai. Shivaji turned out to be a born leader from a very young age.By the time he was 15, he had accumulated a band of faithful soldiers from the Maval region who later aided in his early conquests. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the founder of the Maratha Empire in western India. He is considered to be one of the greatest warriors of his time and even today, stories of his exploits are narrated as a part of the folklore. With his valor and great administrative skills, Shivaji carved out an enclave from the declining Adilshahi sultanate of Bijapur. On June 6, 1674 the Rajyabhishek (coronation) ceremony of Shivaji Maharaj was performed at Raigad. Shivaji assumed the title of a king in a formal coronation and became the first Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire. It eventually became the genesis of the Maratha Empire. After establishing his rule, Shivaji implemented a competent and progressive administration with the help of a disciplined military and well-established administrative set-up. Shivaji is well-known for his innovative military tactics that centered around non-conventional methods leveraging strategic factors like geography, speed, and surprise to defeat his more powerful enemies.Shivaji’s conflicts with the Bijapuri Sultanate and his continuous victories brought him under the radar of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb saw him as a threat to expansion of his imperial intent and concentrated his efforts on eradicating the Maratha threat. Initial days of his reign, Shivaji maintained cordial relationships with the English till they supported the Bijapuri Sultanate in a confrontation against him in the capture of Fort of Panhala in 1660. So in 1670, Shivaji moved against the English in Bombay for them not selling him war material. This conflict continued in 1971, when again the English refused their support in his attack of Danda-Rajpuri, and he looted the English factories in Rajapur. Shivaji died at the age of 52 on April 3, 1680, at the Raigad Fort, after suffering from a bout of dysentery.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Save Girl Child

Discrimination against girls in India has been going on since ages now.  Even today, there are several sections of the Indian society where the girl child is treated as a burden. While several privileges are given to the boys; girls are often restricted to the confines of house and given very little or no opportunities to learn and grow in life. It is a matter of great shame to us & our society. As per the figures of 2011 census, there are just 918 girls in India for 1000 boys’ because of the narrow minded thinking of people. The existence of human life on the earth is impossible without the equal participation of both women and men. They are equally responsible for the survival of the human race on the earth. They are also liable for the development and growth of a nation. However, the existence of the woman is for more important than men. Because without her we cannot think about our existence. So, to save humans from extinction we have to take measures to save girl child. This is because girls of today are the women of tomorrow.Everyone want an ideal mother, sister, wife, a friends and daughter. But they never want that girl. In Today’s advance world girl can do everything as the boy in & every sector. Since time immemorial, there are many great women's who have contributed in development of not only of Society also raised our countries name. In doing these some of them have sacrificed their life’s also. Women have overcome odds and challenged adversity. There some names of the greats - 

Savitribai Phule -

She was an Indian social reformer, educationalist, and poet from Maharashtra. She is regarded as the first female teacher of India. Along with her husband, Jyotirao Phule, she played an important role in improving women's rights in India. Because of her awareness, to every girl is getting education.

2) Rani LaxmiBai- 

She was born on 19th Novemember 1828, She was named Manikarnika Tambe and was nicknamed Manu.She was one one of the great fighters in the Indian history.She the queen of Jhansi was one of the leading figures of the Rebellion of 1857. For Indian nationalists, she became an icon for the freedom struggle against the British Raj for Indian. In 1842, Lakshmibai got married to Gangadhar Rao Newalkar, the Maharaja of Jhansi and got the name of Rani Lakshmibai. Few years after marriage, in 1851, Manikarnika gave birth to a boy but he couldn't survive and died after four months.Then Lakshmibai and Gangadhar Rao adopted Rao's cousin's son, Anand Rao, who was later renamed as Damodar. Soon after they adopted Anand, Maharaja died due to an illness in 1853. Rani Lakshmibai was just 18 at that time.The East India Company took advantage of the Maharaja's death and applied the Doctrine of Lapse. Rani Lakshmibai was determined to not give up on the Dominion of Jhansi and hence started assembling an army of rebellions, including women. She was supported by Tantia Tope and Nana Sahib. Lakshmibai gave a great fight to the British as the siege of Jhansi lasted for about two weeks.After a fierce war, when the British army entered Jhansi, Rani Lakshmibai, tied her son Damodar Rao to her back and fought bravely using two swords in both her hands. She escaped to Kalpi and was accompanied by other rebellions. She then departed to Gwalior and a fierce battle was fought between the British and Lakshmibai's army. She died on June 17, 1958, martyring her life for India's freedom.

Kalpana Chawla –

She was an American astronaut, engineer, and the first woman of Indian descent to go to space. She first flew on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997 as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator. In 2003, Chawla was one of the seven crew members who died in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster when the spacecraft disintegrated during its re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. Chawla was posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and several streets, universities and institutions have been named in her honor. The late astronaut is recognized as a national hero in India. She was in space for 336 hours during research mission.

Mother Teresa  - 

Mother Teresa was born in 1910 in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. Little is known about her early life, but at a young age, she felt a calling to be a nun and serve through helping the poor. At the age of 18, she was given permission to join a group of nuns in Ireland. After a few months of training, with the Sisters of Loreto, she was then given permission to travel to India. She devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute around the world. She spent many years in Calcutta, India where she founded the Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation devoted to helping those in great need.

She is one of the best singers of the Hindi film industry. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most recorded artist in the world. She started her started in 1942 and has spanned over seven decades. Lata is said to have recorded songs for over a thousand Hindi films. She also has the credit of having sung in over thirty-six regional Indian languages and foreign languages.A God-gifted voice led her to become the most successful and celebrated female playback singer from the 1940s till 1980s. She has lent her voice to all leading ladies of Bollywood. Her songs had touched the hearts of millions throughout the years and across borders. Apart from these greats there many more women’s who have also contributed in good deeds towards the society & country. So a girl child deserves a life where she is treated as equal to a boy. And she should be loved and respected like others. She participates in the development and growth of the nation equally. Besides, she works hard for the betterment of society and country. They have also proven their worth and stand equal to boys in every field. Hence, they deserve to survive as their survival means the existence of the human race. So the time has come now to raise up the hands & contribute  in the good deed saving a Girl Child.

Sunday, January 5, 2020


The all mighty god has created the world with so many naturals things to make it more beautiful. So he has created different types in different sizes & shapes. They are as follows - 

1)Human Beings

2)Animals(Classified in different species)All of these are created in different Shapes & Sizes with different natures, lets see in brief about them.

1)Human Being- 

Homo Sapiens, the first modern humans, evolved from their early hominid predecessors between 200,000 and 300,000 years ago. They developed a capacity for language about 50,000 years ago. The first modern humans began moving outside of Africa starting about 70,000-100,000 years ago.It is in 2 Genders, Male & Female. Both are having different abilities & way of behavior. A Human Being can Learn, Read,  Think, Write & with his knowledge can create new inventions.Some humans are of soft & helping nature while some have a hard nature of behavior. Both of them have same type of importance. 

2) Animals -  These are in 3 Types, which are as follows - 

A)Domestic Animals- 

These animals are brought home as pets & kept for different uses, as like Dogs - they are mostly use to guard  our homes from strangers, Hen -  it is useful in giving eggs which we have in our daily meal, Cow - It is useful in giving milk & also for agriculture purpose. Goat & Sheep - They are used for giving milk, but sheep also gives wool, which is useful to make sweaters & other woolen things which are used by human beings on daily basis.      

B)Wild Animals-

These animals are mostly found in Jungles & Zoos. These animal is a dangerous species to Human beings as they only have the nature of hunting.  Lion - He is known as the king of the jungle & survives only on hunting. Tiger - He is known as national animal, but his nature is also similar to Lion as he also survives on hunting only. There are many other similar to them, but some animals though they are called wild but they are helpful to Human Beings, like Monkey , Elephants. They both like to live & loved by human beings. Monkeys can be useful in domestic work at home, while elephants can use used for carrying heavy loads of transportation. These wild can also be used in circus for entertainment. 


They are air-breathing vertebrates covered in special skin made up of scales, bony plates, or a combination of both. They include crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, and tor- Their metabolism depends on the temperature of their environment. of these live on land only & some of them survive on both (i.e - Land & water) Reptiles mostly survive on insects smaller then them.Unlike birds and mammals, reptiles do not maintain a constant internal body temperature. Without fur or feathers for insulation, they cannot stay warm on a cold day, and without sweat glands or the ability to pant, they cannot cool off on a hot one. Instead, they move into the sun or into the shade as needed. During cooler parts of the year they become inactive. Because of their slow metabolism and heat-seeking behavior, reptiles are cold-blooded.Reptile reproduction also depends on temperature. Only boas and pythons give birth to live young. The other species lay their eggs in a simple nest, and leave.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Natural Creations - Mountains & Their Types

A Mountain is one of the gifted natural thing from to make the nature more beautiful. Its a natural rise of the earth surface.It a large land-form that rises above the surrounding land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak. Mountains are formed through tectonic forces or volcanism. A mountain is generally steeper than a hill.Mountains produce colder climates,which generally effects ecosystem of mountains.They tend to be used less for agriculture and more for resource extraction and recreation.

Mountains & Their Types-

1)Fold Mountains

They occur when 2 plates collide with each other.

2)Volcanic Mountains

When a tectonic plate is pushed below another tectonic plate at a mid-ocean ridge or hotspot melting occurs in rock above the slab (due to the addition of water) When the magma reaches the surface, it often builds a volcanic mountain.

Fault-Block Mountains

They are caused by faults in the crust,a seam where rocks can move past each other. When rocks on one side of a fault rise relative to the other, it can form a mountain.

Legends of Cricket

The World of Cricket has given us number of Legendary Cricketers which individually not only made their countries feel proud but also pl...